Thursday, 16 May 2013

PAX Australia Tickets to be sent 17th June

PAX Australia's customer service staffer Wendy Hamano has sent out reminder emails to those attending the event, stating that they will be sending out tickets on 17th June, and hopefully arriving at households by 25th June at the latest (though residents of Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia might receive them later than this date).  If your address details aren't correct, you have until 27th May to get in contact with PAX, via, and rectify it!

The team also stresses that you should have appropriate photo ID on hand when you actually arrive at PAX in Melbourne from 19th July - 15 to 17 years olds will be given a blue wristband and 18 and over a red wristband; this helps the PAX staff determine what classification of games you will be allowed to check out and play (hey, it's what we all fought for and we gotta stand by it).  Exhibits and games bearing a classification of R18+ can only be participated by adults over 18; anyone under that age won't be allowed to check out (even if attending with a guardian).

It should be a good event, and I'm so glad something like this is happening in my hometown of Melbourne -  Perhaps I will see you there!