Thursday, 26 January 2012

Good Game returns to ABC2 in 2012

Good Game hosts "Bajo" and "Hex"
Good Game fans Australia wide rejoice - on 14 February 2012, popular video gaming TV show "Good Game" will be returning to the airwaves on ABC2 for 42 new episodes.

The series sees the return of regular hosts Stephen "Bajo" O'Donnell and Stephanie "Hex" Bendixsen to the news desk, alongside field reporter Gus "Goose" Ronald.

The show is a mature highlight of the latest video game related news and game reviews.  It also digs a little deeper with recaps of the most important gaming topics and issues which have cropped up during the year (for example, the battle for R18+ classifications in Australia, or the demise of local gaming studios in Australia in 2011).

It also includes sections of lighthearted mirth with the occasional short humorous animated skit.

Originally premiering in September 2006, Good Game is now in its eighth year, having gone through several iterations of style and host lineup; including years with Michael Makowski and Jeremy Ray - who would later appear in other video game related ventures such as "5-inch Floppy" and "Save Point".

The return of Good Game also marks the return of popular spinoff series "Good Game: Spawn Point", a show dedicated to younger audience and focusing on G and PG rated games.  Spawn Point, screening on ABC3 from 18 February, is again hosted by Hex and Bajo, but also includes the assistance (or hindrance) of the resident robot D.A.R.R.E.N.  A final 60 minute Christmas episode can be expected at the end of the year.  

2011 indeed proved to be one of Good Game's most successful years.  The show achieved a five city metro average audience of 99,000 (Spawn Point reaching 166,000 per episode), and an increase of 11% viewership over it's 2010 results.

Good Game's successes weren't strictly confined to the television set either. Online, the show recorded 572,000 views via ABC iView; a website now available over several platforms, including web-browser, and even direct via the Xbox 360 dashboard, meaning Good Game is now more accessible than ever.  In addition, the series recorded over 3 million vodcast downloads, the most experienced by any ABC TV program.  The series garnered around 3.4 million viewings of streamed "extra" video content that simply couldn't be crammed into each episode.  It also was bestowed with the 2011 iTunes Rewind "Podcast of the Year".

We applaud the success of the Good Game team for their tidy success, and wish the crew a fantastic year ahead!


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