Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Good Game: Spawn Point now in 30 minute episodes

The Australian video game related television show "Good Game: Spawn Point" has recently been extended to 30 minute episodes due to a popular first season.  According to the MCV website, producer Janet Carr stated “GG:SP is achieving a total TV share of 16.2% among children 5-12 years old and its average audience share is up 114% on series one. Series two has been extended due to the enormous response from the audience.”  The first full-length  episode featured regular "Good Game" hosts Steven "Bajo" O'Donnell and Stephanie "Hex" Bendixsen.

"Good Game" is one of PlayStrat's primary sources of Australian related gaming news, and we usually look forward to settling in front of the television on a Tuesday night after dinner.  The format is quirky and fun, littered with the occasional short segment, or "skit".  Hosts "Bajo" and "Hex" are extremely likeable, and are tapped into the psyche and lexicon of the average gamer.  In addition, the hosts and behind-the-scenes staff are very active on the social networking front, so it appears they generously give more of their time than is seen during a weekly 30 minute window.

Admittedly though, the standard "Good Game" edition is a more adult oriented series - which includes reviews of games that fall into more mature classifications (i.e. they include violence, sexual content, profanity).  It's good, therefore, that the show has the "Spawn Point" variant to allow the younger crowd to get their fill as well.  Even as an adult gamer, I occasionally like to watch the games reviewed on Spawn Point as some I wouldn't mind playing (by taking a break from the more hardcore games, maybe they can help me to forget the depressing news this morning that playing games over the age of 30 years is apparently "weird").

We hope the show sticks around for a long time - and for those of you familiar with the show's method of doling out game scores, PlayStrat gives this latest development in Australian gaming television 10 rubber chickens!  Question: can we now have the regular edition be expanded to 45 minutes?  Just kidding!  Maybe....

"Good Game: Spawn Point" is screened on ABC3 on Saturdays at 9:05am and 7:30pm; as well as Sundays at 11:25am.  The mature oriented "Good Game" is screened on ABC2 at 8:30pm on Tuesdays.

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